DRC Billing

GameChanger Billing

a powerful solution for secure, accurate and efficient cash flow management

GameChanger® Billing is feature rich and supports multiple payment functions including direct bill, agency bill, and advanced electronic funds transfer (EFT). This allows for improved efficiencies and predictable cash flow while improving profitability and lowering administrative costs.

Packed with comprehensive verification, record keeping, notification, and reporting capabilities, GameChanger Billing is designed to ensure accuracy, security, timeliness and ease of payment.

  • Automatically and accurately processes customer payment, including EFT and credit card
  • Multiple popular payment options enhance customer satisfaction
  • Adapts to a full range of direct bill and agency bill schedules
  • Improves profitability by dramatically reducing mail and administrative costs
  • Processes deduction payments from multiple bank accounts for different policies
  • Simplifies billing by automatically updating billing requirements for all markets
  • Banking calendar accommodates banking holidays that differ from non-work days and postal holidays
  • Comprehensive verification, record-keeping, and notification capabilities

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