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GameChanger Claims

process claims and payments quickly and accurately

GameChanger® Claims gives you a comprehensive set of automated tools that enable you to streamline, simplify, and take control of all the tasks associated with claims processing and payment across multiple lines. Its automated functions are designed to save time while reducing complexity and errors, which results in a significant improvement in the efficiency of your operations and the quality of your customer service.

GameChanger Claims provides fast, automated validating of policy coverage, terms, billing, and validity as soon as the first loss report is entered into the system. The module provides fields for entering essential information such as accident and loss descriptions, claimant and witness contact information, and more. It also includes complete payment capabilities and supports management control over all adjusting activities. Reporting features include management reports and a cross-reference index to ensure effective control in this key area.

GameChanger Claims is easy to learn and use, yet offers features that are typically found only in highly complex solutions requiring extensive training and expertise. Your entire staff will quickly be making use of its powerful capabilities while reducing errors and costs. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through fast and easy payments.

  • Claims dashboard allows real time access to day to day management of claims
  • Reduces time to process claims increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Import and access complete policy information for claims automatically with easy entry of policy number
  • Increases customer satisfaction through fast, accurate payments
  • Automated updates of claim status
  • Reduces errors and their costs by eliminating manual duplicate data entry
  • Complete payment capabilities with extensive controls and automated check-writing
  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use
  • Role based access to claims system
  • Accounting of claims indemnity, expense, salvage, and subrogate transactions
  • Offers extensive reporting features
  • 1099 Check Processing
  • Catastrophe Tracking
  • Reinsurance Loss Reporting

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