DRC Policy

GameChanger Policy

Streamline your operation by generating policies automatically

GameChanger® Policy System enables you to generate policies automatically from existing quotes, which saves time and ensures greater accuracy. In addition to converting existing quotes to policies, which eliminates the need to re-enter information manually, a new policy can be entered as quickly and easily as a quote if one does not exist. GameChanger Policy incorporates the tools you need for total control of your policy administration wherever your company does business, including the ability to perform multi-state rating for multiple underwriting companies in a given state.

Features include a consistent framework across all lines which provides an intuitive web interface and eases training. Extensive search capabilities allow searching for a customer or a policy by policy number, quote number, name, or state. Step by step rate reveal and amendment tracking provides a real time update of premium as changes are made. There are also management reports that provide comprehensive information for tracking production activity and the number of policies in force by account, state, and territory.

  • Complete rate calculation capabilities
  • Increases productivity by integrating quoting and policy generation activity
  • Automated conversion of quotations to policies
  • Greater accuracy through automated calculations and elimination of manual information re-entry
  • User-maintained tables to handle state-specific and company-specific information
  • Reduces complexity by automatically accommodating the specifics of all locations where you conduct business
  • Online policy amendment with automatic updating and prorating of premiums
  • Greater customer satisfaction by quickly accommodating customer requests and providing fast information and service
  • Renewals and cancellations generated automatically
  • Manual work is reduced or eliminated completely, saving time and money

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