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GameChanger Portals

Easily configured portals for shoppers, agents, underwriters, & insureds

GameChanger® Portals is a multi-faceted portal that can be used for shoppers, insureds, agents/brokers, or internally by a carrier’s underwriting team.  It’s role-based security allows 24×7 access from anywhere and easy to use to enhance operational efficiency. Customized dashboards provide real-time metrics allowing easy monitoring of the business.

GameChanger Portals are easily skinned to incorporate the branding, logos, and color schemes of any carrier, agency or MGA ensuring a unified experience for the end customer.  GameChanger Portals can be configured and specifically tailored for different users whether they are an agent/broker, underwriter, or an end customer for portal functionality and website screens.

Agent Insureds Carrier/Underwriter Shopper
Anonymous customer quick quotes X X X X
Real time printing of declaration pages, proof-of-insurance cards, and rate proposals X X X X
Straight through processing X X X X
View and approve renewal quotes X X
Automatically underwrite policies according to guidelines set in the system; if guidelines are not met, automatically refer the quote to an underwriter X
View all pending quotes that were not immediately issued or those that need additional review X X
Issue or reject referral quotes escalated by agents X
Analyze performance of the business through dashboards presenting configurable metrics X
  • Immediate 24×7 access from anywhere to a single, current source of information
  • Enhances operational efficiency as a result
  • User friendly, browser based interface
  • It is easy-to-learn, easy-to-use with quick and easy access to policy management tasks
  • Role based security management
  • Quick system roll outs to various audiences to save time
  • Easily configured dashboard providing real time metrics
  • Instantaneous access to monitor what’s going on with the business. No more waiting.

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