highly configurable rating engine

GameChanger® Rating Enterprise is a complete enterprise rating solution for automated program roll-outs and analysis. Designed for Property & Casualty insurance, GameChanger Rating Enterprise supports personal, commercial, and specialty lines.

GameChanger Rating Enterprise reduces the roll out time for new rating products and their subsequent maintenance costs. The solution comprises of four different aspects:

  • Product Playbooks
  • GamePlan
  • Insurance Rating Engine
  • Analyzer
  • Automated program roll outs and analysis
  • Improved data accuracy through elimination of manual data re-entry
  • Configurable Product Playbooks encapsulate product specific information managed by business users and subject matter experts
  • Changes can be made in hours and new programs in days. Save time, money, and get business writing quickly.
  • Flexible and extensive design based on HTTP and XML standards
  • Highly scalable
  • Can be implemented across web, large enterprises, and desktop environments
  • GameChanger GamePlan provides a centralized, secure environment for product management

Product Playbooks

reduce time to market for new products with Product Playbooks

GameChanger® Product Playbooks are spreadsheet templates used to model the rates, rules, and forms definition for a line of business.  Because Microsoft Excel® is used to edit the Product Playbooks so business and rate analysts are able to manage it in an environment they are familiar with and already know.  This reduces the learning curve usually associated with new software and provides an increased speed to market of new products and a reduction in time to make changes to existing products.  Product Playbooks can be managed by line of business, state, effective date, or virtually any method preferred.

  • Microsoft Excel ® based spreadsheet templates
  • Easy to learn, Easy to use
  • Business user and SME configured
  • Improve accuracy over traditional solutions
  • Changes made in hours and new programs in days
  • Reduce time to market for new products and changes


product management in a secure, central environment

GameChanger® GamePlan is a secure environment that provides a portal for version control, auditing, rollback capabilities, and facilitates the deployment of Product Playbooks through testing and into production.

GamePlan’s role based security control ensures that users are only able to perform functions within their rights.  As an example, analysts may be able to check in and out Product Playbooks to add, modify, or test information.  To be able to move a Product Playbook to the next step in the workflow would require a supervisory role.  Further, all check ins, check outs, and move ups are documented and tracked by date, time and user, for audit purposes. This ensures proprietary information is controlled and accessed by authorized individuals and reduces user interaction to increase work productivity.

  • Centralized and secure environment
  • Proprietary information  controlled and accessed by authorized individuals
  • Version controlled and audit
  • Easily track changes and roll back as needed
  • Automated process of moving modeled rates, rules and forms to production
  • Reduce the user interaction, freeing them for other tasks

Insurance Rating Engine

quickly build rating and underwriting services to shorten the development cycle

GameChanger® Rating Engine is a set of technologies and tools for insurance rating that significantly reduces the roll out time for new rating products and their subsequent maintenance costs.

The solution enables product managers and actuaries to quickly build automated rating and underwriting services from existing spreadsheet models. This eliminates translating the rating logic into programs and loading rates and relativities, the most error-prone and costly aspect of the process.  Proprietary tools automate the process of extracting business logic and rating calculations from the Product Playbooks and regenerating them as a scalable service on the enterprise.

  • Uses actuarial Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets as its’ source for Product Playbooks
  • Allows complex and novel approaches to ratings, eliminating the restrictions in legacy programs functions
  • Can be implemented across web, large/secured enterprise, and desktop environments
  • Self-diagnostics enable rating traces and validation
  • Flexible and extensible design based on HTTP, XML standards
  • Horizontal scaling to meet even the most demanding load


understand the full business impact by analyzing changes

GameChanger® Analyzer takes carrier data and converts it into understandable business intelligence to be able to make informed decisions.

Using GameChanger Analyzer, carriers are able to conduct impact assessments on their book of business and the policy/coverage level and study the effects that hypothetical changes will have on revenue; better understand the effect changes has on the current book of business; and utilize elasticity modeling to more accurately anticipate the retention of current customers, therefore better predicting the realized effect of the change.  This results in a better understanding of the effect changes has on the current book of business. Analzyer also utilizes elasticity modeling to accurately anticipate the retention of current customers, resulting in better predictions of the effect  through these changes.

  • Utilizes the business intelligence tools in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Create customizable reports with 3-D data models for meaningful decision support information
  •  Design & Execute “What if” scenarios
  • Minimizes risk by knowing the outcome and effects of a change
  • Perform re-rate analysis of the book using multivariate scoring models
  • Compare two books by segment or in its entirety