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Insurance rating can be a time-consuming process, chiefly because of the many factors, variables, and calculations required to ensure the ratings accuracy that is so critical to a company’s bottom line.

GameChanger® Rating is an insurance rating solution, that facilitates the rating development cycle by automatically building rating and underwriting services from Product Playbooks (Excel™ spreadsheet models). These line of business specific templates are highly configurable, encapsulating product definition rates, rules, forms and flow. GameChanger® Rating is now available in a Go (golang) microservice.

Product managers and actuaries who build ratings directly from Product Playbooks generate more accurate ratings than traditional “code and load”, or GUI based rule builders. Since virtually all actuaries use Excel™ to develop rating plans, the ability of GameChanger Rating to translate data from that work is a huge advantage.

GameChanger Rating reduces rollout time for new products and their maintenance costs by eliminating what is typically the most error prone and costly aspect of the rating cycle: translating the rating logic into code and loading factor data.

What’s more, GameChanger Rating virtually eliminates the time and effort to learn complicated new GUI or symbolic languages. Flexible XML-based protocol and server architecture allow it to integrate with existing legacy software and scale up to serve huge loads. It can even power a “quick quote” website and simultaneously provide ratings for existing legacy processes.

  • Changes made in hours and new programs in days
  • Reduced development and maintenance costs
  • Uses actuarial Excel™ spreadsheets as its’ source for Product Playbooks
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • A comprehensive solution for the most complex rating tasks
  • Faster response to changes in regulations or market trends
  • Lowered maintenance cost
  • Improved accuracy and overall rating performance
  • Business user and SME configured
  • Self diagnostics enable rating traces and validation
  • Can be implemented across Web, large/secured enterprise, and desktop environments
  • Allows complex and novel approaches to ratings, eliminating the restrictions in legacy programs functions
  • Accommodates unique and specific State conditions
  • Select line-of-business and state independence
  • Flexible and extensible design based on HTTP, XML standards
  • Horizontal scaling to meet even the most demanding load

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