GameChanger Rate Quote Issue service


rate quote issue service

Top Tier Carriers are already using GameChanger for a wide array of specialty line business.

Specialty Lines insurance programs requires its own set of automation solutions for underwriting & connectivity between brokers because of the complexity and unique problems the niche faces.

The key to success is GameChanger’s flexibility and configurability because it enables you to build out new products in 60-90 days.

  • Seize new market opportunities
  • Improve service to your brokers
  • Drive underwriting profitability in new & existing markets
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Get your specialty lines insurance programs to market today with GameChanger. Sign up to learn more.

Economical & cost efficient to get started. Monthly subscription pricing creates predictable cost projections for transparency.

Rapid deployment. Launch fast to start writing business quickly. Our average deployment period is 90 days from the pre-implementation meeting to production.

Top 8 Benefits

of using GameChanger
to deploy your specialty lines insuance program


Grow your business without hiring new staff by automating underwriting guidelines, pricing rules and document assembly and generation.


Reduce premium leakage by systematically applying pricing rules.


On demand and scheduled bordereau reporting is available with comprehensive and configurable policy and premium breakdowns.


World class web services allow for quick integration with existing enterprise portals and bespoke services.


Reduce your risk by selecting a proven world class vendor partner. DRC has a strong history of deploying systems to some of the largest insurance companies in the world.


Comes pre-integrated with payment processors, document generation, address validation, Dun & Bradstreet and many other third party data providers/processors.


Cloud based
includes disaster recovery, 99.9% uptime, load balancing and high security. Limited or no IT staff involvement saves you time and money.


Configurable by real business people – you set up the rates, rules and screens using GameChanger Playbooks. Our flexible system allows product managers to deploy the system they want.

A pre-integrated system

  • GameChanger Policy: Leverages DRC’s comprehensive policy administration system for optimization of automation with automatic renewal processing
  • GameChanger Quote: Enables new business acquisition via Broker/Agent portals, Insured/Shopper portals, and Call Center/Underwriting portals
  • GameChanger Rating: GameChanger Rating is a world class GoLang driven Enterprise Rating Engine. It leverages existing know-how, expedites development, simplifies deployment, and reduces maintenance thus improving accuracy & reducing cost.
  • Document generation and storage
  • Operations & Production dashboards
  • Agency/Broker management with full commissions processing, license management, E&O policy tracking and more
  • Professional and experienced US-based implementation team
  • Excellent customer & technical support after production

A Pre-integrated system

GameChanger Rate Quote Issue services
  • GameChanger Portals
  • GameChanger Quote
  • GameChanger Rating
  • GameChanger Policy

Optional Modules & Features

  • GameChanger Billing
  • GameChanger Claims
  • DocuSign integration for electronic signatures
  • MGA/Coverholder/Broker website to market the program and then launch GameChanger
  • Additional interfaces to custom web services or third party data providers
  • LexisNexis
  • Verisk Analytics
  • Payment Processors
  • General Ledger/Accounting/Finance Packages
  • Print & Document Storage
  • Many others available

Implementation Team

  • Professional and Experienced US-based implementation team
  • Customer & Technical support after production

 specialty lines of business
in production 

  • Specialty Auto
  • Professional Liability
  • D&O Condo Association
  • D&O Liability
  • Construction
  • Cyber Liability
  • Disability
  • Employer’s Practice Liability
  • Wind & Hail
  • Acupuncture
  • Professional Liability for child education & day care centers
  • Commercial Property & Auto
  • Professional Liability
  • Public Entities
  • Lawyer’s Liability
  • Architects & Engineers
  • Fiduciary, Surety
  • Residential Earthquake
  • Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Customer spotlight

Who: A large Lloyds of London Syndicate client of DRC since 2014.

Business Challenges: Our client wanted to expand into new and underserved markets. They did not have distribution channels in the marketplace or an automated system for the Coverholder to process the new lines of business. Implementing a complete system is also too expensive on an unproven or small market.

DRC’s Solution: GameChanger is a flexible solution that was highly customized, cloud-based, and for multiple coverholders/MGAs. We followed a subscription pricing model to lower upfront costs and had experienced US-based project work teams to implement the system.

Outcome & Benefits: The program was brought up in 90 days. With lower upfront costs, they could get to profitability quickly. Being cloud-based, there was limited IT involvement making it easy to scale while also saving time and money. In the end, we brought up six different programs in a span of 18 months.