a quick & easy way to model programs and products pre-production

DRC’s modeling solution accelerates the rapid build out of new rate programs  by using GameChanger® Product Playbooks to ‘model’ a rate program prior to the actual production version.  This allows the business analyst to quickly render the page flow, order of field execution and the automatic generation of documentation.

The solution allows companies to quickly build automated rating and underwriting services from existing Excel spreadsheets and delivers accurate ratings as compared with traditional approaches.

The solution workflow is an iterative cycle and consists of three primary activities:

  • Designing rate plans using GameChanger® Product Playbooks
  • Modeling the rate plans using DRC’s quoting framework
  • Analyzing the rate plan’s market impact

Functions: Documentation of rating algorithms and rules, analysis of the impact of rate plans/programs,

  • Design: Rate plan and rules design, specifications, rating algorithms, rate filings.
  • Model: Data Capture, Test case management, rate plan testing, system validation, documentation.
  • Analyze: Rate Plan impact analysis, book analysis, regression testing.
  • Version Controlled
  • Improved rating accuracy for quality
  • Secure environment
  • Reduced time to market. Get your business writing quickly.
  • Can be deployed in a hosted environment or on premise
  • Flexible implementation options for your needs