We’re Welcoming New Interns This Summer! #DRCInterns2022

We are excited to welcome new interns into our summer internship program, created by Steven Blaire, VP of Infrastructure and Platform! They will be working on projects that allow them to close the gap between what they learn in the classroom and what is needed in the workforce. Our former interns turned current employees also give a glimpse on their intern experiences as well.

May 10, 2022

This summer, DRC is welcoming four new interns into our 2022 summer internship cohort! Our interns will get to work on various projects this summer that directly contribute to DRC’s position as a leader of innovation in insurtech.  

Our internship program was created by Steven Blaire, VP of Platform and Cloud Services, to foster growth in DRC and the software industry while also giving students opportunities to apply themselves in the technology setting right here in the comfort of home in Hawai’i. He attests to the value of the internship program for both DRC and the students: “Students are able to encounter meaningful work that reflects the day-to-day in software engineering, marketing, operations, etc. They are able to get a glimpse of our company values and how we practice it every day in our company culture. While we are serious about rolling up our sleeves and getting to work, we also never lose sight of having fun!”  

Thanks to the perfect union between hard work and fun, the DRC ‘ohana has grown and welcomed new full-time employees since its conception in 2018. These employees all started out as interns. Now as employees, they share their experiences below.


In addition to benefiting the students, the internship program serves to be a valuable experience for our employees as it gives our team opportunities to mentor and guide using the knowledge they have gained here at DRC. One of DRC’s Software Engineers, Zane Woodard, has spent a number of years mentoring interns and gives insight on what makes this internship program valuable to him. 

With guidance and mentorship from enthusiastic DRC employees, interns will be taking on projects surrounding query updates, UI design, marketing campaign creation and outreach efforts. Fostering students to become the shapers of the industry starts with hands-on experience — like our summer internship program. Opportunities like this give students a first-hand insight into working in a continuously innovating industry that constantly stays ahead of what the ever-changing market calls for. Despite the new experiences and challenges the students will encounter, working with the DRC team guarantees that our interns will receive the guidance and mentorship that will make their summer worthwhile. DRC’s internship program guides the next generations of young professionals that will lead this industry one day, and is the perfect stepping stone for students to take to be prepared for the post-graduate careers. 

Our spearhead for the internship program, Steven Blaire, looks back on his own career journey as he explains why the internship program is an integral part of DRC: “As I reflect on my career, I remember the individuals that were critical to me in my professional growth – each took the time to share their wisdom, knowledge, and guidance. Therefore, it is our kuleana (responsibility) to provide a path for students to gain real-world experience.”