When people ask what makes DRC different, some say our deep insurance knowledge, our coding prowess or our implementation and support. But what really sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to the success of our customers. We only succeed when our customers succeed.


Values that Define Our Work Together

A Trustworthy Partner

Our company is full of kind, dependable people who believe honesty and integrity are the foundation of a trusting relationship that's built to last. Our word is our bond, and every day we work to earn our reputation as trustworthy partners in all that we do.

Highly Competent and Capable

Our team is second to none - we love what we do and we like to help each other out with a common goal: delivering real-world results that help our customers run better businesses. From our highly - skilled technical team to our attentive client managers, a promise made is a promise delivered.

Live Aloha and Practice Pono

It's not only about doing the right thing, it's about making things right and living the spirit of Aloha - open, sincere and respectful to all. We celebrate our employees' uniqueness and differences and we value the same in our customers.

Deliver Results

Although we pride ourselves on the technical elegance of our code and technologies, this is only a means to an end. We're not in business simply to make a profit, but to deliver useful results that make a real difference.

Pleasure to Work With

We combine our proficiency with a can-do attitude to create a work environment that's not just a business, but includes the care of our DRC 'Ohana. How? Work-life balance, sharing knowledge and expertise, mutual respect for skill and talent and the desire to be better every day.

Completed With Care

Even the most innovative and powerful technology doesn't mean much if it doesn't work in the real world. We devote as much attention and care to the final mile as we do to the first, and assure that every aspect of our technology performs as promised.

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Keeping Pace with DRC2
Keeping Pace with DRC3

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Gartner Recognizes DRC

Gartner included DRC in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for P&C Core Platforms based on our speed, agility, ease of upgrade and our compelling overall industry experience.

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DRC Rater for Specialty Lines

DRC Rater for Specialty Lines provides a version controlled solution that protects enterprise intellectual property and supports collaboration without sacrificing flexibility.

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