DRC Celebrates International Women’s Day

This international women’s day, DRC celebrates women everywhere around the world and pay homage to our inspiring CEO and President, Karen Yamamoto as she celebrates her 40th anniversary at DRC.

March 8, 2023

International Women’s Day is a significant global event aimed at celebrating and recognizing the achievements of women worldwide. At DRC, we understand the importance of promoting diversity and inclusivity, and as a minority and women-owned business, we are committed to empowering women across the world. We firmly believe that by advancing the role of women in technology and the broader business environment, we can drive positive change and shape a more equitable future for all.

Karen Yamamoto became the CEO of Decision Research Corporation in 2018 after holding various executive positions at company; Karen is celebrating her 40th anniversary with the organization this year. As a female business leader in Hawaii, Karen reflects on her journey and the many projects that DRC has undertaken throughout the years.

One of DRC’s more memorable accomplishments to date was the modernization of a 20-year legacy platform for a large global reinsurer, which the company was able to bring into the cloud with DRC’s software solutions. The project took many months of work but was cutover on a single night; Karen attributes this remarkable feat to the dedication of the DRC team, who worked tirelessly to ensure a successful conversion.

Karen’s commitment to uplifting other women in the industry and in the various communities that DRC serves drives her to engage in a variety of networking and mentoring activities. She attends conferences and events like the Women in Insurance Leadership conference to connect with female leaders and further support their advancement. Additionally, she invests in various corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities to give back to communities and to the environment. At DRC, she provides opportunities for the DRC ohana to thrive in their careers and support their growth into higher roles within the company. “Witnessing the professional development of our employees and their progression to higher roles within the company brings me full-circle and gives me a sense of fulfillment. Our employees are truly the reason for DRC’s successes today, and we value the talents of every one of the DRC ohana members,” stated Yamamoto.

Karen sees a bright future for DRC, thanks to the exceptional talents and traction of the DRC ohana both locally and across the many geographies of our talented employees. Her advice to young professionals is to explore diverse opportunities and find their true passions. Pursuing what they love will ultimately lead to a fulfilling career path. Karen believes that with dedication and passion, success is attainable in any field.

On International Women’s Day, please join us in thanking and congratulating Karen for her many accomplishments and exceptional leadership at DRC and in recognizing all the amazing accomplishments of women in business across the globe.