The New Way to Automate Excel Raters and Legacy Pricing Tools
The exciting, new DRC Rater, is a powerful innovation for insurers to fully automate existing Excel® raters and other manual or legacy pricing tools.

From a pricing engine to a centralized, version controlled repository that ensures safety and security of all intellectual property and data, the DRC Rater offers a complete solution to automate and expedite pricing, indication and underwriting decision making and obviate outdated Excel® raters and pricing tools.

This powerful new offering from DRC allows actuarial, underwriting and product teams to:
Maintain and Secure

all data in a centralized version controlled repository that keeps internal IP safe

Easily Enforce

all underwriting rules and pricing guidelines

Bulk Upload and Manipulation

of large schedules of risk data through a familiar Excel®-like browser experience

Review Complete Risks

as well as apply credits and debits to obtain market prices

Produce Rating Worksheets

and other PDF output for inclusion in submission packets

Save Risk Data

for use in analytics and export from the rating system into a system of record via JSON/XML/direct SQL calls

Kickstart Your New Rater With Our Two-Week Challenge

To demonstrate the power and prowess of our technologies, we offer a no-cost two-week proof-of-concept (POC) and deployment of a client's Excel® rater on the DRC insurance platform. Within two weeks, our product configuration analysts will modify the existing Excel® rater to match the DRC Rater requirements to create a live RESTful web service for pricing, a risk description web portal for users to enter risk data and a callable underwriting rules engine.

Deploy your Excel® rater on DRC Rater.
DRC Rater Features
Rating Engine

Web Based Administration and version control of rate plans

UW Rules Logic and Forms Attachment Logic

Integrate into existing UW workbench and any quote system

Replaces Excel® raters

risk data capture screens

Document generation of rating worksheets

Save risk data to SQL Server 2016 Database

Bulk import from Excel® schedules

Manipulation of scheduled list in Excel® like browser application

Say “Goodbye” to Outdated Raters with DRC

This lightweight, cost-effective service faithfully replicates even the most complex rater, and is deployed on enterprise-level infrastructure and a SQL Server database foundation.

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