APIs Accelerate Digital Transformation for Both Internal Components and External Technology Ecosystems

Philadelphia, PA – September 11, 2019 –

Decision Research Corporation (DRC), an insurance technology leader specializing in digital insurance solutions for the P&C insurance industry, today announced the long-anticipated release of its new suite of APIs.

APIs are now essential tools for productivity in today’s modern insurance business. APIs have become so important they offer a fundamental strategic advantage to organizations that leverage APIs effectively. Most platforms already deliver basic APIs that recall rates, quotes or policies. However, with basic APIs, changing lines of business parameters can still be laborious and error-prone. DRC offers a wide range of versatile, dynamic APIs that automatically update changes as they occur, allowing users to collect and represent data in real-time for completion and submission.

DRC’s robust, comprehensive API Library allows insurers to individually deploy, adjust and redeploy modules without impacting the entire policy administration system. Compared to the slow roll-out and frequent error messages that stem from basic APIs, dynamic DRC APIs increase the quality of the data, the customer experience and the overall success of the partnership. Dynamic DRC APIs are available now to seamlessly move data among disparate systems and build use cases for further investment in dynamic APIs across the digital business platform.

“We’ve invested heavily to make sure our dynamic APIs offer new opportunities for the Specialty Market available nowhere else and set a higher bar for the industry as a whole,” said Karen Yamamoto, President & CEO, DRC. “We see unlimited potential in the strategic deployment of dynamic DRC APIs and our leading RS X technology to free up resources so insurers can focus on what matters most — serving their customers to fuel profitable growth.”

APIs cover the critical “last mile” to enable insurers to have complete control over the unique customer experience while leveraging the underlying functionality of DRC’s insurance platform technologies – efficiently and easily.

About DRC
For nearly half a century, DRC has provided powerful and trusted software solutions to the Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance industry. Large carriers, small start-ups and MGAs alike in the United States and globally deploy DRC’s SaaS and onsite solutions to manage total written premium in excess of $7 billion. DRC’s web-based administration system expedites implementation, lowers costs and simplifies maintenance across insurance products. Our leading RS X Rating allows business users who price risks and model products in Microsoft Excel® workbooks to create a version-controlled, web service process throughout the entire insurance ecosystem with minimal need for any programming resource. All DRC clients receive market-leading solutions, expert implementation and our commitment to deliver to their complete satisfaction.  For more information about DRC, visit www.decisionresearch.com. Connect with DRC on LinkedIn, Twitter (@DRCNews) and Facebook.


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