Dynamically Adaptive Policy Administration
Explore quote, policy, rating, billing, claims, agency administration and advanced functionality
End-to-end functionality to support any insurance product and scale with your success. Proven performance across the complete policy lifecycle.

Our integrated solution combines RS X Rating, our industry-leading technology, with comprehensive policy administration functionality to provide: Quote, Policy, Rating, Agency Administration, Billing, Claims, advanced analytics and pre-configured third-party integrations.

Our powerful solutions
  • Customer index provides customer profile information, policies, records and notes
  • Quick Quote and Full Quote
  • Obtain multiple quotes through copy/quote functionality
  • Moratorium support to prevent quoting based on catastrophe or other business reasons
  • Data prefill options
  • Risk location visualization and payment provider integration
  • Shopper portal for direct business
  • Flat and pro rata cancellations
  • Implement and automate policy renewals with early renewal capabilities and “Do Not Renew” for all 50 states
  • Premium adjustment and transaction roll back
  • Update and prorate premiums automatically
  • Provide full endorsement (MTA) functionality with backdating options
  • Manage advanced policy servicing and out-of-sequence endorsements with rollback/roll forward features
  • Renewal quote and conversion functionality
  • Work in Microsoft Excel® to model, design and configure new products with minimal need for development assistance
  • Eliminates unnecessary steps and potential errors inherent in traditional "code and load" development
  • Expedites product development and delivers ready-to-use rating microservices in any digital insurance library
  • Enable credit card payments or expand payment type alternatives
  • Automate agency settlement
  • Provide unlimited bill plan options with an automated and/or scheduled bill plan
  • Combine installment due date and equity-based due date processing 24/7
  • Detail fees and service charges
  • Accommodate unlimited state fees, taxes and surcharges
  • Interface with major general ledger and checkwriting systems and credit card/ACH processors
  • Process adjustment and reversal
  • Issue First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
  • Integrate with policy systems for coverage verification
  • Import and pre-fill policy information for claims automatically
  • Manage claims payments with extensive controls and built-in workflow for reserve and payment transactions
  • Set user authority limits by product line coverage, indemnity reserve amounts and expense payment
  • Account for indemnity, expense, salvage and subrogation transactions
  • Update claim status dynamically
Agency Admin
  • Add, modify or delete agent E&O policy and licensing information
  • Structure flexible commission options
  • Verify and maintain producer eligibility
  • Run factor and dollar-based commission schedules/ management with new business and renewal commission rates using more than 10 variables
  • Establish and monitor agent to carrier appointment
  • Define agency/agent hierarchy by parent organizations, siblings and manage subagency relationships
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From legacy systems to the current state-of-the art-solutions, DRC works with your technology environment and your needs.
Automating Existing Manual Processes
  • Increase your market share
  • Utilize key reduction leading to reduced operator error
  • Process at a greater volume through automation vs. manual processes
  • Establish governance on your enterprise pricing
  • Take intellectual property control of your underwriters pricing spreadsheets
  • Provide technical rating to multiple platforms
  • Present risk data to geographically dispersed decision makers
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Pool Re
  • Eliminate manual premium calculations
  • Automate quarterly and annual pool re reports
  • Reduce staff efforts to meet regulatory obligations
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Automating New Platform (startups)
  • Utilize a modern interconnected architecture with complete API library
  • Integrate with data enrichment providers to improve data quality
  • Reduce manual entry
  • Partner with anyone - and everyone
  • Flexible pricing and deployment options to accommodate cash flow and business profitability objectives
  • Deploy your innovative idea on a scalable platform - begin with basics to bring in revenue and expand on our proven and robust Digital Risk Center
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  • Complete straight through processing for improved conversion rates
  • Reduce time to market with pre-configured integration
  • Work within a flexible cloud-based architecture to scale with demand
  • Gain unfiltered access to your mission critical data by working within the Microsoft architecture and data
  • Access inhibited visibility of your business with our analytics partners
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Specialty Lines
  • Turn small premiums into an engine of profitable growth
  • Bundle and cross sell speciality and basic insurance products
  • Receive quotes back in real time
  • Reduce costs associated with laborious human underwriting
  • Discover new opportunities to work with SMEs
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  • Transform new acquisitions into painless automated success
  • Integrate an acquired book through phased deployment
  • Adjust rates and coverages in real time
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Additional policy features
“DRC has provided us with great customer support over multiple global deployments with their digital underwriting solutions."

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Harnessing the power of RS X

DRC RS X technology offers the fastest, most accurate and cost effective path to transform insurance products from concept to production. Starting with Excel®, RS X delivers complete enterprise solutions for rating and rollout to dramatically accelerate the rating development cycle.

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