Accuracy Through Automation: Take Control of Pool Re Compliance

At DRC, we know the effort and time required to maintain Pool Re mandatory compliance — and its importance. Pool Re compliance mandates reporting per transaction, often done manually by back-office administration. Incorrect premium reporting only exacerbates an already exacting, demanding process. But there's a better way: automate your manual processes on our platform. No matter the size or complexity, DRC technology can automate any system and ensure accurate, complete Pool Re reporting and compliance.
DRC Simplifies Pool Re Compliance

DRC’s Pool Re premium calculation and reporting process eliminates incorrect reporting and reduces the effort and time required to maintain Pool Re compliance.

For automating Pool Re compliance processes, DRC allows you to:

  • Eliminate manual premium calculations
  • Reduce staff hours meeting regulatory obligations
  • Use our effective date-driven rating engine to accommodate prior term MTAs and out-of-sequence endorsement processing
  • View and act on the data you need without distraction with flexible report filters
  • Run quarterly and annual Pool Re compliance reports that conform with regulatory requirements
  • Manage MTAs and cancellations
  • Record premium details via an intuitive, user-friendly browser

DRC Rater Offers a Complete Solution for Automation

From a pricing engine to a centralized, version controlled repository that ensures safety and security of all intellectual property and data, the DRC Rater offers a complete solution to automate and expedite pricing, indication and underwriting decision making and obviate outdated Excel® raters and other manual or legacy pricing tools. This lightweight, cost effective service faithfully replicates even the most complex rater, and is deployed on enterprise level infrastructure and a SQL Server database foundation.

Cost-Free, Risk-Free Two-Week Challenge

Committing to any vendor requires both confidence and trust. Vendor selection committees face real risks, especially with the rapid advances in current technology. To demonstrate the efficacy of our technologies, we offer a no-cost two-week proof-of-concept (POC) and deployment of any solution on the DRC insurance platform. We’re so confident that our products will improve how you do business, we will show you what it can do for free with no obligation. We’re happy to make this offer as a risk-free avenue so you can see exactly how we will help you grow.
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