Launch Your Startup with an Efficient Automated System

In today’s insurance market, one of the quickest ways to outperform is to automate from the start. DRC partners with startups to provide a feature-rich processing platform that is flexible, scalable and the precisely right answer to bring your new idea or innovative product to fruition. Whether you are starting up a new company, program or acquiring a book of business, DRC will help you reach your goals and sustain success with automation on our insurance platform. With DRC, no automation challenge is too large… or too small.
DRC Technology Brings Your Innovations to Market

DRC technology makes automation easy, by offering flexible pricing and phased deployment options to accommodate cash flow and profit targets. Businesses can begin with the basics to bring in revenue and then expand in our proven and robust platform.

For automating new programs, DRC allows you to:

  • Access and deploy a modern, interconnected architecture with a complete API library
  • Integrate with data enrichment providers to improve data quality
  • Reduce manual entry for improved automation and enable partnering with anyone
  • Price flexibly and deploy strategically to accommodate cash flow and business profitability objectives
  • Access advisory support to catalyze growth
  • Bring in initial revenue through basic functionality and scale up through additions and innovation

Cost-Free, Risk-Free Two-Week Challenge

DRC understands the risk involved to the vendor selection committee, especially with the rapid advances in current technology. To demonstrate the power and prowess of our technologies, we offer a no-cost two-week proof-of-concept (POC) and deployment of any solution on the DRC insurance platform. We’re so confident that our products will improve how you do business, we’re happy to make this offer as a risk-free avenue so you can see exactly how we will help you grow.

Flexible, Adaptive Policy Administration
You've never quoted like this before. Full automation. Unlimited flexibility.
No matter how complex or how many exceptions, our policy processing has you covered.
All-new RS X Rating built for business strength, performance and reliability.
Submit one payment or one million with equal security, accuracy and efficiency.
Expert workflows and extensive controls make your claims processing effortless.
Agency Admin
Producers come and go. Manage, document and verify eligibility for every single one.
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At the Heart of It All, Our Leading RS X Rating Accelerates Speed to Market

RS X Rating offers the most accurate, cost-effective and fastest path to transform insurance products from concept to production and bring them to market. In addition to generating rates, RS X Rating creates intuitive user interfaces and helps manage forms as business users work in Microsoft Excel® to model, design and configure new products. Using Excel® Workbooks built by analysts, not programmers, RS X Rating creates web services, incorporates automated underwriting features and eliminates unnecessary steps and potential errors inherent in traditional “code and load” development. Underwriters, insureds, agents and shopper customers can harness the power of RS X Rating through convenient portals.

We'll help you find the fastest path from concept to rollout.
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