Introduce New Programs. Accelerate Growth Through Your E-trade Platform

The DRC insurance platform allows for straight-through processing of small enterprise commercial risks as well as all personal line P&C products. DRC seamlessly integrates with industry-leading data enrichment providers and aggregators to eliminate manual rekeying, reduce data entry time and streamline operations. DRC's proven integration with online payment processors and credit providers allow insureds to secure coverage in a single session.
Are Your Underwriters Drowning in Excel® and Shared Network Folders?

If your business is ready to expand, DRC can catalyze your growth in market share and enable you to serve previously unreachable markets by accelerating speed to market. With DRC, your business will be able to effectively and efficiently introduce new products in order to compete in new markets.

For automating E-trade platforms, DRC allows you to:

  • Provide technical rating to multiple platforms
  • Control proprietary IP in underwriter’s pricing spreadsheets
  • Use automation to increase processing volume and throughput
  • Establish governance on enterprise pricing
  • Eliminate manual rekeying to reduce errors and increase efficiency
  • Implement straight-through processing to improve conversion
  • Pre-configure third-party data providers to implement market-ready programs faster
  • Harness infinite, cloud-based architecture to scale with growth
  • Save and analyze all risk data elements in a SQL Server database
  • Visualize operational metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Cost-Free, Risk-Free Two-Week Challenge

DRC understands the risk involved to the vendor selection committee, especially with the rapid advances in current technology. To demonstrate the power and prowess of our technologies, we offer a no-cost two-week proof-of-concept (POC) and deployment of any solution on the DRC insurance platform. We’re so confident that our products will improve how you do business, we’re happy to make this offer as a risk-free avenue so you can see exactly how we will help you grow.

Flexible, Adaptive Policy Administration
You've never quoted like this before. Full automation. Unlimited flexibility.
No matter how complex or how many exceptions, our policy processing has you covered.
All-new RS X Rating built for business strength, performance and reliability.
Submit one payment or one million with equal security, accuracy and efficiency.
Expert workflows and extensive controls make your claims processing effortless.
Agency Admin
Producers come and go. Manage, document and verify eligibility for every single one.
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At the Heart of It All, Our Leading RS X Rating Accelerates Speed to Market

RS X Rating offers the most accurate, cost-effective and fastest path to transform insurance products from concept to production and bring them to market. In addition to generating rates, RS X Rating creates intuitive user interfaces and helps manage forms as business users work in Microsoft Excel® to model, design and configure new products. Using Excel® Workbooks built by analysts, not programmers, RS X Rating creates web services, incorporates automated underwriting features and eliminates unnecessary steps and potential errors inherent in traditional “code and load” development. Underwriters, insureds, agents and shopper customers can harness the power of RS X Rating through convenient portals.

We'll help you find the fastest path from concept to rollout.
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