Introducing DRC Analytics

Unlock Deeper Insights with DRC Analytics

Powerful tools to discover and understand new opportunities to optimize resources and drive profitable growth.

DRC Analytics democratize data and empower all users to access meaningful, actionable insights

The insurance industry is one of the most competitive in the world and an organization with a detailed analytical overview of its customer data can leverage that knowledge to have a first-mover advantage relative to peers.

DRC builds on its substantial experience in the industry to offer DRC Analytics: new, valuable tools that enable data insight for insurers and enhance understanding of what is happening in their businesses in real-time, all seamlessly integrated into the DRC insurance platform.

DRC Analytics allow you to

customizable dashboards based on preferences and insights


recommendation panels highlighting up-to-date analytics


panels to build a comprehensive overview and reveal important patterns


data to PDF or Excel®


automated, dynamic, reports and visualizations based on real-time data

Unleashing the value of data with DRC

In addition to static exports that represent a snapshot of data from one particular point in time, DRC Analytics enable links to "hot data" to create automated, dynamic reports and visualizations where the underlying data is refreshed in real-time. Users across the organization can then make immediate, critical business decisions based on the most timely information. DRC Analytics help insurers of all sizes better understand what’s happening in their businesses, determine how to allocate resources and take advantage of new opportunities.

DRC's Analytics Self-Service Capability enables business users to:
Take control

of custom reports, dashboards and visualizations

Create and measure

meaningful KPIs


custom automated reports and dashboards


custom and calculated fields with measures and filters


custom data mining and data discovery


insights across an organization

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