Configurable Policy Admin offers “Future Proof” Solution

DRC will be presenting at the IASA 2013 Annual Conference in Washington DC Jun 2 – 4, 2013.  We’ll have more on this exciting and informative event to come!

May 2, 2013

Configurability, scalability, flexibility and mobility – these are just a few of the hot tech trends for policy administration in 2013 – and red-hot product features GameChanger, DRC’s advanced policy administration system delivers for insurers writing business in personal, commercial and specialty lines. They are also “must-have” features a policy admin solution needs to enable insurers to be prepared for future business growth or change.

Yes, to meet the challenges of today’s ever-evolving insurance industry, as well as to stay ahead of the game in this ultra-competitive space; insurers looking to reinvent the way they do business need a highly configurable policy administration solution that can be managed by both the business end-users and analysts  – with technologies tailored to work with today’s changing workplace and workforce.

The need to improve product development speed, make changes quickly, as well as to adapt easily to changing business needs and industry trends is also critical.  To stay ahead of the competition carriers need a policy admin solution that will not only meet the challenges of today’s business landscape – but also be designed with technologies to work for them in the future.  The solution?  Insurers need to “future proof” their business with a highly configurable policy administration system that possesses all the scalability and flexibility required to grow with and/or scale as a company’s business and clients’ needs change…all while increasing productivity and decreasing operational costs.

Now the question is, does this sound like your current policy administration system?

Discover the competitive advantages GameChanger’s Complete Suite of Insurance Solutions delivers for Personal, Commercial & Specialty Lines:

  • Increase productivity & accuracy with DRC’s Innovative Template driven design
  • Changes are made in hours and new programs in days
  • Power out a “Quick Quote” in an instant with GameChanger Rating Enterprise
  • Easy to learn, user-friendly dashboard increases productivity and saves time and money
  • Mobile App enabled with the latest mobile features & functionalities
  • Employable in the Cloud, on-premise, and as a service

Get to know us.  At DRC, we’re all about customizing a policy administration solution to suit your specific business demands and needs.  Please give our team of technology experts a call for more information, and to arrange a demo of GameChanger to discover firsthand – how GameChanger’s flexible, adaptable, scalable technology will help you gain the competitive edge you’ve been looking for in a policy administration system.

Industry News: DRC will be presenting at the IASA 2013 Annual Conference in Washington DC Jun 2 – 4, 2013.  We’ll have more on this exciting and informative event to come!

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