November 8, 2018

RS X Rating simplifies implementation with legacy policy administration systems on mainframes and AS400 systems as well as newer policy administration systems such as Guidewire’s PolicyCenter, all using our intuitive and flexible best-in-class rating technology.

With RS X Rating, analysts use Excel to model P&C insurance products and instantly compile all needed formulas, rates, and rules for the rating engine, and the API documentation to invoke RESTful web service.

DRC Rating Technology is built for scalability and is in use across large insurance companies and MGAs allowing them rapid integration with other applications speeding implementation resulting in saved costs.

“DRC Rating technology has been instrumental in our Guidewire implementation, helping us to deploy our first two commercial products within 18 months, and make a last-minute design change that would’ve taken weeks in our old system, in just a few hours.” – Brian Schween, CIO, TOPA Insurance Company

A Powerful Rating Technology 

RS X Rating offers the most accurate, cost-effective and fastest path to transform insurance products from concept to market-ready solutions. In addition to generating rates, RS X Rating creates intuitive user interfaces and helps manage forms as business users work in Microsoft Excel® to model, design and configure new products.

Technical Highlights

RS X Rating creates web services based upon Excel® Workbooks, eliminating unnecessary steps and the potential introduction of errors inherent in traditional “code and load” development. With all the power and efficiency of Go, a Google-developed programming language, configurable memory management, direct integration with R, a statistical programming language and so much more, RS X can handle any request from routine to the most complex.

  • Support for JSON and XML over HTTP (SOAP)
  • Increased throughput speed by computing cell values just once
  • Modest CPU and RAM footprint
  • Configurable memory management
  • Easy to integrate
  • Extend the rating platform’s API endpoints

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