Embark MGA chooses DRC Insurance Platform

Embark MGA chooses DRC Insurance Platform for its property policy administration system to increase access to Homeowners Insurance in CA and AZ

October 17, 2023

Philadelphia, PA | October 17, 2023 – In a timely collaboration, Embark MGA (Embark) and Decision Research Corporation (DRC) joined forces to tackle the pressing need for reliable markets for homeowner’s insurance across the United States, starting with California and Arizona. This strategic partnership modernizes the application, underwriting and fulfillment process for obtaining homeowner’s insurance, allowing Embark to distribute its market-leading insurance products through an expanded local agency network and via embedded distribution partnerships.

In the first phase of the partnership, Embark is migrating its Manufactured and Mobile Home insurance program (managed through its affiliate, King Insurance) onto the DRC platform. Manufactured, modular and mobile homes require a custom insurance policy, different from policies for traditional home construction. Securing suitable insurance for these homes has been a challenge for many due to a lack of insurance companies offering manufactured home insurance policies, combined with heightened attention to wildfire risk exposure limiting options for affordable insurance.

King, part of the Embark MGA, is a leading specialty property managing general agency with 25 years serving the manufactured home insurance sector with both personal and commercial property insurance. Their expertise in wildfire risk management, micro-aggregation controls, and commitment to provide stable insurance programs to underserved and niche markets makes them the ideal solution provider for this market need.

DRC, a recognized leader in end-to-end technology solutions for the insurance industry, brings its cutting-edge platform and data integration capabilities to streamline the insurance application process and bring real-time access to quality insurance coverage.

Jai Prakash, CIO of Embark, enthusiastically conveyed his excitement regarding the partnership, stating, “DRC has impressed us with their unwavering dedication to accelerating system upgrades, delivering results in half the time compared to typical implementations. This speed-to-market approach perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing responsive, efficient, and innovative solutions for our distribution, carrier and reinsurance partners.”

Key benefits of the new system include:

  1. 24/7 Straight-through Policy Issuance: The secure system pre-populates critical information, accepts payment, and provides policy documents electronically, eliminating the waiting period and streamlining the effort required by agents.
  2. Improved Wildfire Risk Mitigation: By integrating advanced risk models into its new sales platform, King ensures a fair price and can help agents educate customers about their wildfire risk.
  3. More and Easier Payment Options: DRC’s modern platform lets customers level out their payments, pay upfront, or enroll in automatic escrow billing, and manage their payments online.

Since the upgraded platform was released in California earlier this year, King has been able to activate their program with larger, established insurance agencies that demand modern systems, making it easier for homeowners to find better coverage. The system is rolling out in Arizona now, and agent engagement is following a similar pattern, furthering broadening access to King’s insurance solutions.

In addition to expanding distribution partner options, the new system enhances Embark’s capabilities in risk management, geographic diversification, and program expansion. “We’re delighted to be able to provide Embark with the technology foundation that enables them to expand the markets they serve and bring stable insurance options to the public” stated Karen Yamamoto, CEO and President at DRC. “We look forward to having a long-term lasting relationship fueled by continued growth of their business.”


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About Embark MGA

Embark MGA is a next generation managing general agency, offering turnkey insurance solutions to its carrier and distribution partners. Founded in 2018, Embark specializes in the program administration of auto, property, and commercial liability insurance, serving both specialty and broad markets. Embark provides full program management capabilities to its carrier partners, including product management, pricing, compliance, claims, servicing, policy administration, and distribution management. Embark’s manufactured homeowner program and mobile home/RV parks commercial program are administered through its affiliate, King Insurance Support Systems. For more information, please visit www.embarkmga.com.

About Decision Research Corporation

Decision Research Corporation (DRC) provides innovative, cloud-native, enterprise solutions to P&C insurance companies looking to boost their business development efforts, reduce administrative overhead, and accelerate speed-to-market for their products through automation. RS X Rating, DRC’s no-code rating solution, gives actuaries the ability to configure powerful automation functions without IT assistance, and to price risks and model products, no matter how complex, all through a familiar Microsoft Excel® interface. DRC’s flagship product is the DRC Insurance Platform, a full-service policy administration system, including portals, quoting, billing, claims, and advanced analytics, powered by RS X Rating, and engineered to streamline internal processes and empower business users within a secure and robust enterprise ecosystem. DRC has remained committed to total customer satisfaction for over half a century and its clients, running the gamut of size and scope from large global carriers to regional start-ups, continue to rely on DRC’s trusted solutions to manage over $10 billion in written premium. To learn more about DRC, visit www.decisionresearch.com.