Introducing DRC’s Embedded Partner Services, a transformative solution designed for forward-thinking insurance carriers and MGAs/MGUs, keen on modernizing their legacy systems. We’ve created a partner ecosystem that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, eliminating the need for extensive development and costly integrations. In a rapidly evolving industry, where efficiency is paramount.

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Our Partners:

Data Enrichment partners specialize in improving data quality and location-based services. They offer tools for detailed loss event reporting, background checks, asset verification, and geocoding to enhance location accuracy. Additionally, address validation and correction services ensure compliance with postal standards.

Data Enrichment

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Document Management partner services enable the generation and management of services pertaining to documents on the platform inclusive of e-sign capabilities, and others.

Document Management

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Customer Engagement partners include features to improve customer interactions. They streamline communication between customers, carriers, and service providers, enhancing customer experiences and issue resolution. Some offer remote screen sharing for real-time assistance, improving customer support and engagement.

Customer Engagement

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The Modeling & Analytics partners specialize in data-driven solutions and analytics applications. These companies offer innovative tools and platforms to empower businesses with the ability to make data-driven decisions, visualize complex data, and enhance overall business intelligence capabilities.

Modeling and Analytics

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Payment partners encompass companies that offer various payment processing solutions, including credit card and ACH services, secure online payment gateways, and efficient payment solutions for businesses of all sizes.


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CIO of Embark, Jai Prakash recently stated,

“DRC has impressed us with their unwavering dedication to accelerating system upgrades, delivering results in half the time compared to typical implementations. This speed-to-market approach perfectly aligns with our commitment to providing responsive, efficient, and innovative solutions for our distribution, carrier and reinsurance partners.”

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