November 14, 2018

The modern insurance marketplace has come a long way since the 1680s and Edward Lloyd’s Coffee House. But in some areas, the pace of progress just hasn’t kept up. The combination of Excel® Workbooks and manually generated docs, as well as rekeying information, leads to an inefficient, ineffective and error-prone process. If your underwriters are still plagued by paper or working in isolated silos, it is time to free them by automating your manual processes or dated existing automation on our insurance platform. No matter how large or small the project, DRC can automate any system.


Are Your Underwriters Drowning in Excel® and Shared Network Folders?

DRC helps catalyze growth through improved efficiency and automation. Manual models can’t scale efficiently to fuel your growth and can even break down entirely as you expand your distribution network. For automating current manual processes, DRC allows you to:

  • Present risk data to geographically dispersed decision makers
  • Provide technical pricing data to multiple platforms (partner portals, aggregators, lead generation companies)
  • Maintain IP control of proprietary underwriter spreadsheetsProcess with greater efficiency and throughputEstablish governance on enterprise pricing
  • Eliminate manual rekeying
  • Expand distribution network to increase business and volume
  • Increase market share by making products available to consumers previously unattainable due to the hindrance of manual processes

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