Interview with DRC President sheds light on company’s “secrets to success.”

President Karen Yamamoto shares a look inside DRC’s 40-year strong company in our Q & A Session.

April 4, 2012

Q.  What are some of the unique benefits your clients’ gain from working with DRC?

Karen Yamamoto:  “From the beginning, our focus has been to build tools to assist with automation.  This is how DRC has been able to advance our clients’ growth and successes through the years. 

Our size allows us to respond quickly with an experienced task team of highly skilled insurance services team.  DRC  has a core group of technologists who work very closely with our insurance SME’s. This ‘task force’ is  available to provide innovative technology solutions as an extension to a client’s IT department.”

Q.  Being in business for 40 years speaks volumes about DRC’s position as a leader in the insurance software industry – what’s your secret?

Karen Yamamoto:   “What’s our secret, well – for one thing, we are always looking to improve and grow our solution – and I think the dynamic products DRC has developed over our 4 decades in the industry are proof of this commitment.  For several of our customers, DRC’s insurance software solutions have outlasted their expectations and continue to scale beyond their intended use.

I think having the trust and loyalty of our clients has also enabled us to continue to grow and succeed over the years. 

It’s interesting to note that DRC created a successful software company in Hawaii before the Internet even existed.  And we continue to compete in an ultra-competitive market.  If there is one secret behind all of this it is that we architected software solutions in a solid, multi-tiered fashion that was designed to scale from its origin.” 

Q.  What DRC product are you most proud of  – and why?

Karen Yamamoto:  “That’s a good question…if I had to choose one product I am most proud of it would be DRC’s Decision Maker™ Policy Suite.  It’s a complete package that reflects the breadth and depth of our solution.  At the core of this product is a technology method and approach that addresses much more than just the working application – it also reaches out to meet the demands of the modern workforce.

Q.  What are 3 attributes that make DRC unique and stand out in the insurance software development industry?

Karen Yamamoto:   “I think what makes DRC unique is also what makes us excel.  We are known for our insurance industry knowledge.  It’s important to note that our introduction to P&C was in the personal lines direct marketing and automated underwriting in the 1980’s before many companies were even imaging how that would happen.  As far as our innovative solutions, this year, we are celebrating our 10th year with our standalone rating engine, and our dedicated focus on our customer’s objectives –  providing the tools and systems to grow their business is evidenced by our customer’s growth and success.

DRC’s 40-year success lies in our ability to develop and deliver innovative software solutions.  Our people are also at the core of our success.”

Q.  What does the future hold for Decision Research Corporation as far as launching new products and utilizing the latest technology?

Karen Yamamoto:  “This is a very exciting year for DRC.   Without giving too much away right now – I can tell you we will be previewing DRC’s new Policy Admin System solution at the June 2012 IASA show in San Diego.  

It’s all about “maintainability.”  After the initial implementation, the long haul for our clients is to continue to independently maintain the PAS with their workforce.  I believe that our product addresses that for our clients and we are excited to see more clients take advantage of our platform.

 We have constantly evolved our policy admin system since its original launch, and this latest upgrade will be available in Q-4 2012.  Last year, we completely rebuilt our Policy system to be optimized with our flagship DecisionMaker Rating product.  We used the most current technology, and we were able to leverage Microsoft’s High Potential vendor program to develop a design that we envisioned nearly a decade ago.

I have always been impressed with our technology leaders, who have the foresight to develop the tools and automation in anticipation of our customer’s needs.   It’s a pleasure to work alongside some of the industry’s best technologists.” ~ Karen Yamamoto, President, Decision Research Corporation

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