DRC with Malama Maunalua Remove 5,400+ Pounds of Invasive Algae

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of non-profit organization Malama Maunalua and the teamwork of DRC and community members, the shoreline of Paikō Beach has been given a much-needed respite.

June 26, 2023

Maunalua Bay, one of the largest bays in Hawai’i, holds great historical significance. In the past, it served as a vital resource for the kingdom of Hawai’i, providing sustenance for the entire island’s population. The name “Maunalua” refers to the easternmost end of the bay, characterized by two peaks—Koko Head and Koko Crater—where “Mauna” means “mountain” and “Lua” means “two.” 

Unfortunately, the results of urbanization have brought about significant changes in Maunalua Bay. Invasive species, both in the form of plants and aquatic animals, have proliferated. Since its establishment in 2005, Malama Maunalua has been unwavering in its dedication to restoring and conserving the bay, partnering with schools, organizations, and corporations to uphold the principle of malama ka’aina, or caring for the land. 

The DRC team eagerly rolled up their sleeves and joined the restoration efforts along the shoreline, making a tangible difference and support for Malama Maunalua’s missions. Take a look below to see some of the photos captured during our productive morning at Kuli’ou’ou Beach Park. For more information about Malama Maunalua, please visit their website here and learn about DRC’s initiatives in Corporate Social Responsibility at Corporate Social Responsibility | DRC (decisionresearch.com).