Meet DRC’s Summer 2022 Interns!

This summer we have welcomed four new interns into the DRC Ohana! Over the last seven weeks, our interns have been working on various projects pertaining to their individual majors, gaining hands-on work experience within the insurance technology industry.

August 1, 2022

Jaden, Karen, Justin and Cory have been working diligently on their projects that directly contribute to DRC’s business success and product functionality. Throughout this summer, we challenged them to bring in a new perspective to further DRC’s company mission to pioneer and deliver insurance technology software solutions through continual product innovation and adoption of emerging technologies. As this year’s internships are wrapping up we sat down to chat one last time with our interns to learn more about their experiences. 

Here’s what they had to say:

The past eight weeks provided these interns with challenging projects, learning opportunities, and professional development sessions. Within a summer, our interns have created lasting relationships with their mentors and found a friendship within each other that made each day of the internship program that much more fun and exciting.  

To learn more about our internship program or to prepare for the summer 2023, email careers@decisionresearch.com.