Creating Adaptable Customer Solutions that Fit Unique Requirements
Customers find DRC for our technology. They stay for a simple reason: regardless of the challenge or business opportunity, we will deliver thoughtful technology solutions that fuel their success.

Many insurers initially seek out DRC for power and versatility of our insurance platform. But working with DRC is different from other technology vendors because of our unwavering commitment to customer success. When bumps arise, we don’t throw up our hands; we roll up our sleeves. We’re especially proud of our customers who start small but deepen our partnership together year after year.

From legacy systems to the current state-of-the art-solutions, DRC works with your technology environment and your needs.
Automating Existing Manual Processes
  • Increase your market share and make your product available in new markets
  • Utilize key reduction leading to reduced operator error
  • Process at a greater volume through automation vs. manual processes
  • Establish governance on your enterprise pricing
  • Take intellectual property control of your underwriters pricing spreadsheets
  • Provide technical rating to multiple platforms
  • Present risk data to geographically dispersed decision makers
  • Expand your distribution network to increase business volume
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Pool Re
  • Eliminate manual premium calculations
  • Automate quarterly and annual pool re reports
  • Reduce staff efforts to meet regulatory obligations
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Automating New Platform (startups)
  • Utilize a modern interconnected architecture with complete API library
  • Integrate with data enrichment providers to improve data quality
  • Reduce manual entry
  • Partner with anyone - and everyone
  • Flexible pricing and deployment options to accommodate cash flow and business profitability objectives
  • Deploy your innovative idea on a scalable platform - begin with basics to bring in revenue and expand on our proven and robust Digital Risk Center
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  • Complete straight through processing for improved conversion rates
  • Reduce time to market with pre-configured integration
  • Work within a flexible cloud-based architecture to scale with demand
  • Gain unfiltered access to your mission critical data by working within the Microsoft architecture and data
  • Access inhibited visibility of your business with our analytics partners
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Specialty Lines
  • Turn small premiums into an engine of profitable growth
  • Bundle and cross sell speciality and basic insurance products
  • Receive quotes back in real time
  • Reduce costs associated with laborious human underwriting
  • Discover new opportunities to work with SMEs
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  • Transform new acquisitions into painless automated success
  • Integrate an acquired book through phased deployment
  • Adjust rates and coverages in real time
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