Spanning older installed technology to current state-of-the-art systems, DRC delivers feature-rich, comprehensive solutions for the most complex billing requirements.

Everything in one place.

Rich commissions and agency data storage within the DRC Platform precludes the need for an agency tracking software package.

Independence and flexibility where it counts.

Business users control billing rules without vendor involvement for setting up payment plans, fees, taxes, commissions, agency hierarchy, etc.

Extensive capabilities for superior efficiency.

Comprehensive fee capabilities allow MGAs and Carriers to maximize revenue within regulatory guidelines.

Top Ten Global Insurance Broker Automates Underwriting Efforts

The insurance landscape today is more competitive than ever. DRC offers solutions to streamline and automate processes, leaving brokers with more time to focus on high-value activities.

Versatile Billing Systems Allow You to...

Reduce Labor

Advanced automation in billing reduces labor needed to fix “bad” policies that are out of balance for billing reasons.

Decrease Dishonesty

Automated rules for suspense and refund processing reduce opportunities for employee dishonesty/ misappropriation.

Increase Retention

Automatic reinstatement following late payments helps improve customer experience and retention.

Balance Easier

Rich data analytics and reporting allow for easier month-end balancing.

Pay Agents Faster

Flexible commissions structures allow for better agency experience.

Merge Data Effortlessly

Data warehouse allows for central storage of insurance premium data for the enterprise.

Increase Agility and Efficiency with Rich Capabilities

Fully automated billing lifecycle from distributing bills to recurring payments to automated cancellation and reinstatement processing and renewal handling.

Deep automation around refund handling and rules, tax and fee collections, suspense and early cash handling, etc.

Rich commissions flexibility and automation, including distribution and sweep to agency bank accounts via EFT.

Automation and customization support for monthly settlement when using agency bill.

Unlimited bill plan options with user configurable down payment amounts and fees.

End-to-End Functionality




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