Manage and resolve claims faster through feature-rich functionality that enhances accuracy and expedites cost-effective claim closure.

A solution for all types of claims.

For decades clients have relied on DRC to find a way to help them resolve claims faster and exceed expectations.

Quick set-up. Easy roll out.

Integrate powerful new technology to make the most of your existing systems.

Deliver a personalized claims experience.

Provide a new level of transparency and efficiency for faster resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

Top Ten Global Insurance Broker Automates Underwriting Efforts

The insurance landscape today is more competitive than ever. DRC offers solutions to streamline and automate processes, leaving brokers with more time to focus on high-value activities.

A Better Way To Process Claims That Allows You to…

Work Smarter

Support for multiple PAS systems allows companies to bring new acquisitions online more quickly and inexpensively.


Rich document storage keeps any record type conveniently with the claim reduces the need for a separate document management product.

Track Data

Extensive correspondence templates and automation help all parties stay current on claim status.

Stay Abreast

Extensive adjuster controls and exposure leads to flexible set up, processing and closing of each claim, reducing supervisory oversight.

Increase Agility and Efficiency Through Smart Claims Automation

Unlimited reserving of exposures to multiple adjusters.

Multi-step review of checks, exposures and claims.

Ability to work with multiple policy systems for coverage verification, not just the DRC Platform.

Comprehensive notes capabilities.

Tracking all parties to a claim, including litigants, courts, witnesses, representatives, etc..

Rich automated letters capabilities.

End-to-End Functionality


Discover the power and flexibility of DRC Claims.

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