Your DRC platform is configured to meet your needs, but we always start with a powerful rate engine. DRC RS X Rating is the engine behind our toolkits that help you build any type of insurance product. It offers incredible performance, processing millions of rates per hour. DRC offers three versions of the RS X Rating platform, each suited for particular needs.

RS X Rating Standard

Rating + Modeling

Great for those who have a simple need and want to access our solutions without further bells and whistles.

RS X Rating Plus

Rating + Quote

Right for those who want to harness the power of our Quote system, making the quote system speedier and more accurate.

RS X Rating Enterprise

Rating + Quote + Analyzer + API access

Ideal for companies looking for the full prowess of our platform to drive business success.

With RS X Rating You Can…


Use excel workbooks to model rating calculations, specify underwriting rules and define form logic.


Eliminate the potential for user error inherent in traditional “code and load” or GUI-based rule builders.


Configure author formulas, edit drop-down menu options and maintain with minimal need for IT resources.


Support highly complex and sequential rating.


Manage version control across multiple distribution channels and policy administration platforms in one central repository.


Enable predictive data analytics and implement statistical packages.


Streamline multiple rating platforms with a single query/enable rating call through multiple, widely different user interfaces.


Integrate broad exposure to rating variables (e.g. loss history, experience data, catastrophe risk, etc.).


Enable business team to easily change rates as much as they want.

Stay Flexible

Run on any platform (Windows or Linux) and language environment at any scale.

Protect Data

Establish a version-controlled, secure check-in/check-out console.


Grow horizontally and quickly.

Product Matrix: RS X Rating Features Breakdown

RS X Rating
RS X Rating
RS X Rating
RS X Rating Engine
Industry-leading cloud-based rating engine that supports any line of business
RS X Manager
Web-based administration console for creating, maintaining, and promoting product services
RS X Broker
Traffic Manager to route requests to the correct product and version
Cloud Hosting
Microsoft Azure cloud hosting infrastructure ensures security and speed while future proofing your business
Enterprise Test Harness
Bulk testing tool to support the development and QA testing
Persistence (Cosmos DB)
Data indexing and storage of all rate requests and responses in a searchable format
Product API
Web service description to allow partners to design and use the DRC APIs efficiently
Modelling Portal
Generated user screens for submission data capture, underwriting, forms selection, and full quote functionality
RS X Analyzer
Pricing impact tool that performs, “what if” analysis of the current product as well as proposed product changes
Advanced linking of multiple services for complex rate order calculations and interacting with external services
External calls during rating
Calls to third party data enrichment services, proprietary data sets and other enterprise assets
Document generation
Generate rating worksheets indication documents through bindable quote proposals
Enterprise Hosting
Cross data center redundancy for disaster recovery and 100% uptime, includes load balance and multiple application servers, data application scanning and more

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