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The RS X Rating technology offers the fastest, most accurate and cost-effective path to transform insurance products from concept to production.

DRC RS X Rating has been built from the ground up with a radically smaller and more efficient technical footprint. It offers performance up to 100x faster than anything previously available, enabling speeds in excess of 20,000,000 rates per hour. RS X expedites product development and delivers ready-to-use rating microservices in any digital insurance library.

How RS X Rating Works

With RS X Rating, you can ...
Use Excel®

workbooks to model rating calculations, specify underwriting rules and define form logic.


the potential for user error inherent in traditional “code and load” or GUI-based rule builders.


author formulas, edit drop-down menu options and maintain with minimal need for IT resources.


live production as single source of truth for all carrier's rating needs.


version control across multiple distribution channels and policy administration platforms in one central repository


predictive data analytics and implement statistical packages


sophisticated, multi-tiered, complex rating products


multiple rating platforms with a single query/enable rating call through multiple, widely different user interfaces


and test different models to re-rate existing programs using built-in testing


in your data center or in the cloud for total flexibility


customer rating algorithms, proprietary underwriting rules and predictive models through a version-controlled, secure check-in/check-out console


and integrate runtime metrics with Prometheus service monitoring

“DRC Rating technology has been instrumental in our Guidewire implementation, helping us to deploy our first two commercial products within 18 months, and make a last-minute design change that would’ve taken weeks in our old system, in just a few hours.”

– Brian Schween, CIO, TOPA Insurance Company

Technical highlights

for JSON and XML over HTTP (SOAP)


throughput speed by computing cell values just once


CPU and RAM footprint


to integrate and extend the rating platform's API endpoints


memory management


and concurrent programming language developed by Google

RS X Rating Workflow

Expedite workflow with RS X Analyzer with no restrictions on the kinds,
variations or amounts of data.

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