Actuaries & Shadow IT: How IT Leaders Bridge the Gap with Business Users

Rob Whitton, VP Business Development

Kent Black, CIO of Enterprise Applications at Tokio Marine HCC

How Does Shadow IT Affect Insurance Companies?

Shadow IT has become an ominous-sounding buzzword, but what does it really mean for insurance companies? Where does it come from? What are the dangers, both known and hidden, of having business-developed systems outside of the IT enterprise portfolio? And, what can be done to address the root causes of Shadow IT?

The short answer is that Shadow IT primarily forms in insurance organizations because of a breakdown between the specialized needs of business users, and the technical capabilities of the enterprise solutions available to them within the organization. Strengthening the partnership between IT leaders and their actuarial and underwriting teams is key to avoiding that disconnect and keeping Shadow IT under control.

This webinar is a conversation between two long-time insurance IT experts who have successfully tackled Shadow IT and the lessons they’ve learned doing it, among them:

  • How Shadow IT typically manifests in the insurance industry and the many risks it poses to the organization
  • How to overcome the challenges of bringing mission-critical systems back under IT governance without impeding business users’ work processes, and
  • How a better understanding of the unique needs of actuaries and underwriters can help IT leaders encourage adoption of enterprise solutions and keep Shadow IT from becoming entrenched
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