Advanced Systems Administration with Versatile Integration
Whether you have a handful third-party integrations or 100+, the DRC Insurance System is ready for them.

Our customers enjoy advanced systems
configuration capabilities that integrate with
a variety of third-party systems to enhance
functionality with business process workflows
across software platforms and user groups.

System Administration Configuration
Security Access

Control security access by individual user or user groups

Task Groups

Define task groups easily and effectively by customer

User Interfaces

Configure and create role-based dynamic user interfaces (UIs) for all portals

Process Cycles

Establish and run parameter-driven process cycles

Moratorium Handling

Implement moratorium handling by zip code for new business, MTA and billing.

Notification Settings

Maintain full control over state and product-specific regulatory notification settings


Review and process multi-currency and multi-language inputs

Single Sign-on

Easily enable single sign-on (SSO)

Advanced Functionality
Customer Clearance

Conduct customer clearance with ease

Data Enrichment Providers

Effortlessly integrate with data enrichment providers.

Chase/ Subjectivity

Document chase/subjectivity handling.

Replacement Cost Calculators

Accurately estimate replacement costs with online calculator

Third-Party Data Calls

Combine data sets and gain new insight with third-party data calls

Bordereaux Generation

Access detailed information by enabling bordereaux generation

Application Availability Uptime

Azure clients can maintain 99.95% application availability uptime

Single Sign-on

Access multiple solutions with only one sign-on

Mirroring Databases

Automatically back up and restore data with mirrored databases

Deployment Location

Deploy solutions on premise or in the cloud (or hybrid)

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