DRC Plants Native Hawaiian Milo and Kou Trees to Give Back to the Environment and Celebrate 50 Years of Success!

To further DRC’s initiatives to further Corporate Social Responsibility, DRC in partnership with two local Hawaii organizations, Gunstock Ranch and the Hawai’i Legacy Foundation, planted nine new trees in a local forest ecosystem.

January 10, 2023

After being postponed due to the pandemic, the Hawai’i office hosted a celebration of DRC’s 50th anniversary in September of 2022. In honor of the attendees, nine trees were planted as a celebratory favor of the event! Members of the DRC CSR and Executive teams rolled up their sleeves and got their hands dirty to plant and further our Native Hawaiian ecosystem.

The Hawaiian Legacy Foundation states “a forest is much more than just an area filled with trees. It is a dynamic and living entity all its own. As a living entity, it grows and evolves over time. Like any society of individuals, its members grow and contribute, and all will eventually die, making way for new members. This cycle of evolution molds the individual plantings into a forest.” The Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative has a mission to revive the Hawaii native landscape that have been lost over the years. Through the act of repeated native Hawaiian tree plantings, the forest will grow and prosper to give back to the ecosystem and flourish in future years to come.

Gunstock Ranch is committed to reviving these endangered plant species through working with the Hawai’i Legacy Foundation by dedicating acres of their land for reforestation and the elimination of the aggressively invasive trees that many in Hawaii are familiar with.

DRC’s commitment to giving back to our environment is just one of the many initiatives around Corporate Social Responsibility and the organizations we will support. View some of our photos from our day out in the forest at the gallery below and to learn more about the Hawaiian Legacy Foundation and Gunstock Ranch initiatives to further their forest, visit their web page here: Plant a Tree Gunstock Ranch — Hawaiian Legacy (legacyforest.org)

Photo Gallery: