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Our no-cost, fast results Two-Week Challenge determines your pre-implementation requirements — fast.

DRC understands the risk involved to the vendor selection committee, especially with the rapid advances in current technology. That’s why we offer a no-cost, no-obligation Two-Week Challenge, which allows you to test what our technologies can do, no strings attached. Our product configuration team will build out a product that matches the existing functionality in your production environment to show how your business can run faster and more efficiently with DRC.



Test Driving Success

Earlier this year a leading global specialty insurance signed up for our Two-Week Challenge to assess how our solutions can help them perform even better. From the initial proof of concept to the successful deployment in multiple testbeds, DRC demonstrated the power and efficacy of RS X Rating and the new DRC Rater processing the company's own books in real-time with real, live data. The initial test drive turned into a lasting partnership and our client now leverages DRC’s RS X rating to transform existing Excel Workbooks into an automated and secure enterprise rating solution.

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