October 2, 2018
DRC's Two Week Challenge

DRC understands the risk involved to the vendor selection committee, especially with the rapid advances in current technology. To demonstrate the power and prowess of our technologies, we offer a no-cost two-week proof-of-concept (POC) and deployment of a client’s Excel® rater on the DRC insurance platform.

Within two weeks, our product configuration analysts will modify the existing Excel® rater to match the DRC Rater requirements to create a live RESTful web service for pricing, a risk description web portal for users to enter risk data and a callable underwriting rules engine. Our product configuration team will refactor customized raters, optimize large data tables and restructure the risk data collection to optimize the rapid creation of enterprise-strength web services.

For those interested in a stand-alone rating engine, the exposed RESTful web service endpoints to allow your technical architects to call the services as part of the DRC evaluation, ultimately leaving the power in your team’s hands.

Our free test drive de-risks vendor evaluation by demonstrating our speed and agility to handle the rating complexities, automation of underwriting guidelines and the presentation of risk data collection to the user.

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