DRC’s digital insurance platform is designed to profitably manage myriads of complex risks, offering the most efficient and effective underwriting solutions tailored to your company’s needs.


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Platform Benefits

Increased Speed to Price

Our digital insurance platform empowers you to respond rapidly to market demands, enabling timely customer interactions, real-time processing information, and ultimately reducing the risk of market share loss to competitors.

Business-User Friendly

Seamlessly configure the upload import to utilize third-party services to cleanse and enrich the data. Through a familiar excel interface, our digital insurance platform allows for easy and business-user friendly data manipulation.

Support for Larger Fleets & Multi-Risk Policies

Our tools allow you to respond rapidly to market demands, utilize self-service capabilities within DRC’s portals and optimize enhanced bulk upload capabilities, regardless of fleet size or policy complexity.

Reduced Downtime

With optimized performance and robust stability, you can experience your core tech with uninterrupted operations, ensuring your business stays productive and eliminates costly disruption.

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