DRC’s platform enables insurers to manage their policy base and provide quotes, policy servicing, rating, billing, claims and agency administration with 24/7 access through dedicated portals.

Improve Business Agility with Reduced IT Complexity

Save 100% of risk description data to a structure data store for analytics use.

Quickly turn ideas into results with a platform uniquely engineered for continuous improvement in the P&C industry.

Provide technical pricing data to multiple platforms (partner portals, aggregators, lead generation companies).

Maintain IP control of proprietary underwriter spreadsheets.

Increase market share by making products available to consumers previously unattainable due to the hindrance of manual processes.

World’s Largest Insurance Broker Automates Underwriting Efforts

A global insurance broker was using laborious manual processes to underwrite insurance solutions for professional service businesses in the United Kingdom. Underwriters were drowning in paperwork and our client was looking for a solution to make low premium risks profitable.

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